Sarah's Transformation

I heard about Crossfit from my boyfriend’s brother. He had being going for a year or so and was trying very hard to get us into it. I was pretty hesitant because everything he described sounded like things, in my physical condition at the time I would NEVER be able to do. I had never been a very physically fit person and I never really played any sports. I horseback rode and took care of a farm which kept me somewhat fit, but when you do these chores for years your body is just used to it.

Crossfit 2A was opening and my boyfriend attended the open house, I refused thinking I needed to start walking or something first because there was no way I could handle that kind of physical abuse and I was just over the year anniversary of my horse back riding accident.

In April 2011, I was bucked off a horse and landed hard on my left leg. I had fractured my fibula, completely tore my ACL, tore the meniscus, almost completely tore my MCL, severely sprained my ankle and had severe bone bruising. I was in physical therapy for months before they performed surgery to reconstruct my ACL using part of my hamstring in July 2011 and was back into physical therapy. At the time of my accident I was at my heaviest and felt as though this was part of the reason I had injured myself so badly. I have ridden horses for years and had become “good” at falling off in the sense I could usually get out of my own way as to not hurt myself. Well this time I couldn’t get out of my own way and landed like a sack of potatoes. After not being able to be very physical, the weight continued to stack on and I knew I needed to change.

So I signed up at Crossfit 2A in August 2012. I decided I was done being miserable, done being fat and done being unmotivated. At that point I didn’t care how hard it was, I had tried just walking before and knew it was going to take something really drastic for me to change. But, I was still seriously worried whether or not my knee could handle it. Once I started, all the coaches tailored to what I could and couldn’t do and I had even found a few other members with the same injury which eased my mind.

I did the Paleo Challenge and from August to October and I lost 25lbs. It was the most weight I has lost in years and was ecstatic. It was short lived when I learned I needed major sinus surgery because they had found I was not breathing out of my nose. I was worried that the surgery would set me back and that I wouldn’t have the motivation to come back after the recovery process. Surgery was November 1, 2012 and was I back at the box by the end of December. Since then I have lost an additional 20lbs, I try and come at least 4 – 5 times a week and have made some serious personal gains. I don’t have to give my knee a second thought anymore because it’s become so strong. I signed up for my first competition in June of this year and I can tell you right now, “Competition” was not a word in my vocabulary before Crossfit.

In total I have lost 45lbs and Crossfit has become a huge part of my life. It’s the best thing that has happened to me for not only my body but my mind. I feel so much better physically that every day stresses don’t take their toll like they used to. My friend’s and family can’t believe how dramatically I have changed and how much more confident I am. I love my Crossfit family and can’t thank the coaches and supportive members enough for where I am today.