Julia's Transformation

After a two year grad program that was intensive and stressful, as well as having an injury that prevented any consistent workout, I was probably hovering at my heaviest. I graduated in May and joined a gym where I was doing a lot of elliptical/stair master work. I also tried doing some personal training but found this to be very expensive and it was only 30 minutes a week. I was seeing slow progress, but nothing to big. Then in July a co-worker told me about a CrossFit gym that was opening.

I had heard about CrossFit before and had seen pictures of a few friends doing it and frankly it scared me a lot. I decided to bite the bullet, went and loved every minute of it. I started off going one to three times a week and in January moved to going 5 times a week. I do not believe that I would ever go back to the gym.

With CrossFit I get that one on one attention that I was getting in personal training, but get an hour five times a week. The coaches are amazing and know how to push you, but at the same time be supportive. The people that you are working out with are amazing individuals who are your biggest cheerleaders. You form friendships and a sense of comradery with the other people pushing through with you. The results have been amazing. I have dropped just over 20 pounds and have dropped 5 pants sizes! I am stronger, leaner, and more in shape than I ever was with sports in high school/college and working out in a more traditional gym. I know that I will never go back to a more “traditional” gym as CrossFit will continue to challenge me and push me.