Jonathan - December 2013

When Jonathan joined 2A just about a year ago he had come from another CrossFit Box and just thought it was the norm to be constantly hurt. I made it my mission to show him what good coaching and programming can do for an athlete such as himself. He had so much potential and it was my pleasure to teach him everything the correct way so he could enjoy working out and getting better with his training in a safe environment. Jonathan and his family have been a great addition to 2A and I look forward to many more years of helping them in their quest to live strong/healthy lives! ~ Nicole

What led you to CrossFit 2A?

My brother, Michael, first introduced me to Crossfit 2 years ago, and I tried a couple local affiliates for a while and had mixed results–I was getting into better shape, but I was frequently getting hurt. My Wife, Boomie, had the good sense to ditch the place we were at and venture out to 2A pretty soon after Nicole opened. She was having really good experiences and found 2A to succeed in all the areas that the others failed. So I followed her lead. . . as usual.

What do you think is the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since you started CrossFit?

Well I am in vastly better physical condition overall, but my favorite single aspect is that all the extra strength we build at 2A makes it easy to maintain really good posture. And my butt is bigger, so I got that going for me . . . which is nice.

What are your goals going forward and what do you think will help you achieve them?

I am working on building up my Met-Con and my overhead squats and snatches. Coming in for open gym and Barbell Club helps a lot with building towards specific lifting goals. And, I have started making Met-Con gains by doing tabata cycles on the rowers; I’ll add the ‘Satan Cycle’ into that mix too.

I’ve found that maintaining a meticulous focus on form (from KB swings up to Snatches) and thinking less about weight is the strategy that works for me. I don’t consider it a successful PR if I had to break form to achieve it. Visualization has also been a helpful tool in developing my Oly lifts. Lastly, taking my shirt off in public on a daily basis is pretty helpful.

How has CrossFit 2A helped you in your day to day life?

Less than half of all communication is verbal, so how a person physically presents himself in the world speaks volumes about their sense of esteem and competence–a well kept body and mind is a huge advantage in every aspect of life. Crossfit 2A provides me with the perfect environment to achieve my health and strength goals on a daily basis; my capacities to be a good husband, parent, and professional in large part flow from the dynamic health I’ve achieved here. 2A also provides me with a acceptable environment to go topless whenever I feel the need. . . which is nice.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out with CrossFit or is too afraid to try it?

Do a head check and know where you really are with your competitive self. The group environment is a great way to propel you to do more than you ever would alone in your garage, but it’s also a good way to drive yourself over the edge and get hurt. Learn constructive competitiveness and check your ego at the door. Trust in the wisdom of the movements and your coaches and seek to execute the movements perfectly and repeatedly before moving up on your weight. Adding weight before you have the movement etched into your mind and body is an invitation for injury. Mobility and myofascial work is just as important as the WOD.

A little blurb about your experience here over the past year…

I feel so fortunate to have our Crossfit 2A ‘adult playground’ at my disposal. It’s the holy trinity of excellent coaching, inspired programming, and a great facility. It’s also got the intangibles that come with great people. Honestly, what a crowd of true winners. My sense of social well being and overall happiness has benefited so much from this association. I look forward to growing stronger together for decades to come.