Chuck's Transformation

One year ago I was a physical mess. I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without stopping to rest. I was overworked, overweight and sleeping only 4-5 hours a night. My cardiologist told me I was heading for a heart attack if I didn’t change my ways.

In January I began researching health and fitness on the web. I discovered a video “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. After viewing that, I juiced myself off processed foods and lost some weight. Then I read some of Michael Pollan’s books and became aware of real foods versus “food-like substances” that I had been consuming. Continued study led me to the Paleo lifestyle and grains were eliminated and my fat intake increased. By the end of summer I had lost 35 pounds, but I wasn’t fit. I have tried the doctor prescribed definition of exercise; walking.

While I agree it reduces stress and it is better than sitting on the couch, it bored me to tears, and strength and fitness don’t come from walking. I discovered CrossFit2a in August. Though I thought the workouts looked intimidating, and I was twice the age of most of the CF2a gang, I gave it a shot.

I love it! CrossFit challenges me to push beyond what I thought I was capable of doing, every time I step foot in the Box. I am much stronger, more flexible and have more endurance than I have had in thirty years. My gut is gone and I have lost three inches in my waist. I have traded in my “relaxed fit” fat old man jeans for original straight leg jeans. This past week I met my cardiologist for a follow-up. He was amazed at the transformation.

My weight, my fitness, my appearance and my heart health have all improved remarkably over the past year. By the time I had left his office, we had reduced my 19 year beta-blocker prescription from a daily dosage of 150mg down to 50mg. I drive everyone crazy when I talk about CrossFit. The team of coaches at CF2A are excellent and all my friends there are extremely encouraging to drive me to new levels. So when are you going to get off your butt and join us?