As we're now more than half-way through the 2015 Open season so I thought I'd reflect on a couple awesome and a few not-so-awesome things I’ve seen/heard from you guys.

I've seen some amazing Personal Records every week! The energy in here on Saturdays, especially at 9 AM, has been unbeatable. I wish every class was like that! For many of you, week 1 may have been the first time you Clean and Jerked a specific weight. Week 2 may have been heavier overhead squats than you've tried previously or the first time you did pullups in a WOD. Then week 3 I saw some of you achieved your first muscle-ups and/or double-unders! All are accomplishments you should be very proud of!

Every week I look forward to the discussions and planning of how to best tackle these WODs and what you like and dislike about them. I love watching the elite athletes on Thursday nights throw down and the motivation it gives others around them.

What I don't like is hearing things like this: “You did a great job congrats!" — “Thanks but I only did it scaled."

Since when is a scaled workout any less challenging? Didn’t you give it just as much as the person doing WOD RX next to you?

It's as if scaling means you didn’t do the workout or that it was less worthy of writing your results on the board. Scaling is how you get from where you are to the next level in a safe way! Scaling is going to keep you healthy and strong to train harder to get to RX someday, if that's even something you're interested in doing. If RX is something you want, you have to go out and work for it. It could take months or years, but scaling is what will get you there and don’t let yourself or anyone else think that’s not a friggin' awesome thing to do!

Another comment I've heard is, “I should have done better!”

Do you really think you could have performed better or is it ego talking? It's an important distinction. I’ve seen you all bust your asses during the last three weeks whether or not you have even done the open WODs! If you really feel like you can do better, whats stopping you?

Have you put in the extra effort before or after class to work on the mastering a skill you struggle with? Do you make an effort to pull aside your coaches and ask for a little more guidance on something that just isn't clicking? Are you sick and tired of whipping yourself on double-unders or feel like you're never going to get toes-to-bar?

Then practice! Shit, none of us just got these things. It took practice and a lot of it! I can’t tell you how many times I threw a temper tantrum and wanted to throw my jump rope in Greg Scott's face every time I saw him do a beautiful unbroken set. I want to see you all get these movements that you struggle with, but unless you put in the extra effort they aren't just going to happen!

You want to lose that extra 5 lbs? Put down the candy bar or glass of wine. You want to get your pull ups? Put your hands on that bar every time you are in the gym! No one said change was easy, but you have an entire gym of people who believe in you. Don't you think it's time you start allowing yourself to be better?

I wake up every day and think of how lucky I am to have built such an amazing community of people! We are all here to support each other through more than just tough WODs! We are a second family to each other and I wouldn't have it any other way. Let's keep this up. Not just for the next two weeks of the Open, but every week we are here! Continue friendships, make new ones, introduce yourself to the people who you might not know more than their name. We have some pretty cool people here :)