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Without further ado, we kick it off this week with a roundtable from all your coaches about the upcoming 2015 CrossFit Games Open. Enjoy!
Nicole Bordenca
My first experience with the Open was 4 years ago. I had been doing CrossFit on my own at a global gym for a few years before I began at CrossFit Woodshed where I met Kara, Greg, and Stacy. At the time I had no idea what I was in for, but Greg and Stacy had put together a group of us who wanted to be “competitors” and for a few weeks we had prepped to do what became my first year in the Open.

The first Sunday arrived. We all met up and prepared ourselves for what would be some of the most challenging few minutes ever - a seven minute AMRAP of nothing but burpees! My anxiety quickly turned to excitement. I set a personal goal for myself: 100 burpees.

Kara and I partnered up to judge each other. I went first. The crowd cheering us on, including Alice and Dorie, was such a motivator! I got my game face on and then heard the 3…2…1…Go! I began to do the most burpees I could possibly do. My mouth was bone dry and every limb was screaming at me to stop.

The next thing I remember hearing was, "you have 1 minute left!"

I decided then that this was the turning point. If I wanted that 100, I was going to have to suck it up and move faster than I ever thought I could. The end timer beeped. I had no idea how many burpees I had done, but all I could do was fall on the ground and curl into the fetal position.

After what seemed like an hour I looked at Kara. She smiled at me and said 105! I was so excited I wanted to cry. I had set a goal, given it my all, and reached it. It had been a long time since I had felt that kind of achievement and I knew right then that CrossFit would be a permanent part of my life.

Since 2012, the Open has become so many more things for me. When I opened CF2A I knew I wanted to make the five weeks of the Open special for our community. I wanted to involve as many members as possible and show everyone that same feeling I had felt just a year before. The Open become more about the experience of the CF2A community. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Our first year was incredible. We only had half the space, but crammed a huge group of us into the gym every Saturday! The energy in here was unbeatable. People were screaming, high fiving and hugging all over the place. Everyone striving for their own personal goals and so many people achieving them is so cool to watch! The best feeling in the world is watching people achieve the things they never thought they could.

The higher skill movements in last year's Open left me nervous for 2015. But after hearing about the scaled events they will be announcing, I now believe that anyone can do this! You may not be able to do every single movement but just remember that this is a time to push yourself and do something great with some awesome people! If nothing else, show up every Saturday to be part of this energy! Cheer, judge, or just do the WODs for fun. I promise it’ll be one of the best experiences you have all winter.

I’m looking forward to our 3rd year of the CF Open with everyone! Sign up here and choose CrossFit 2A as your affiliate!

Greg Smith
Thursday is the beginning of the 2015 CrossFit Games season with the start of the Open. For 5 weeks, with 5 different workouts, we will get to compare ourselves to every other crossfitter in the world.

This year is very special compared to previous years with the addition of the scaled workouts. Meaning, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE NOT TO SIGN UP! Like so many other crossfitters, I am completely thrilled with this event. We have all put in a lot of hard work over the last year, so this really is the most perfect opportunity for us to showcase that grind we go through every time we set foot into the gym. If any of you question whether or not you should do the open, well my answer to you is...A BIG FAT YES! And if that isn't the answer you were looking for, well here are a few more reasons:
  1. Yes, you are good enough, and most likely you are physically stronger than your mind lets you believe;
  2. It gets you competing again. I mean, if you are going to tell me that you are not competitive, then why would you choose a fitness program that uses timers, keeps score and encourages friendly competition with a leaderboard for almost every workout you do;
  3. Last but not least, and maybe the most important of all, it's a whole lot of fun. Do yourself a favor and sign up. I promise that you won't regret it.

Mike Bordenca
Why should you sign up for the open? Why shouldn't you? First, this year CrossFit made a major change to the open. They added a scaled division. Previously, the workouts were designed to be light burners with classic CrossFit movements. However, problems came when newbies or scaled athletes who were registered for the open were faced with difficult movements like overhead squats, muscle ups, chest to bar pullups, or toes to bar. That being said, each of these rx movements will be scaled back and achievable for all level athletes for the first time!!!!

As we all know CrossFit 2A is know best for its amazing community. The 5 week CrossFit Open season brings that community even closer with the motivation & cheering in the gym to gameplanning workouts to get the best scores possible! Push yourself and step outside if your norm! You wont regret it! Sign up for the 2015 CrossFit Open!

Kara Whitcomb
The 2012 CrossFit Open was my first. I had been doing CrossFit for only six months and had no clue what I had signed up for. All I knew was that a workout would be announced once a week for a month and we had to get it done and submit our scores online. I looked at it as I knew I would be working out anyways, so why not sign up? I didn't expect to have so much fun with the whole community. Over the course of the month, Sunday morning open workouts became something I looked forward to. The best part about that 2012 Open season was that I really saw the community aspect of CrossFit for the first time. Being so new, I hadn't met everyone at the gym and this gave me the opportunity to get to know more people. When the workouts were announced on Thursday nights, many Facebook messages and conversations went back and forth between all members at the gym, talking about strategies and even how much we were terrified and excited for Sunday morning!

When the Open season was over, the conversations continued for weeks and weeks about who set PRs, who surprised themselves on a certain workout and who was still sore. Every year since, I have signed up for the Open. The community aspect is what I love the most, and the Open is a great chance to push yourself and see all of your hard work pay off. So if you are debating about signing up, especially if you are a newer member, definitely do it. You won't regret it!

Jake Weaver
I have limited experience with the Open; last year was my first year but from what I have seen it is worth the hype and is something that everyone should experience. It shouldn't be thought of as a competition or as you against the world. The Open is a chance to express your fitness along side your friends and family in your home box. It is the world wide community that is CrossFit coming together and working out as a single group. It should be fun, not stressful, and something to look forward to.

Last year I was in Thailand when the open began. I looked on the internet for a box anywhere close to me. I rented a scooter and was on my way, not knowing if anyone would even speak English, if I should've called ahead or if I would even get to work out but I went anyways. I walked in and was immediately greeted with smiles and was approached by the box owner. She began to ask where I was from, what I was doing there and asked about my box at home. She made me feel very welcome. I exchanged a 2A T-shirt for a workout and one of their t-shirts for free. We warmed up outside under a pavilion in the sun doing double-unders and trying to warm up my hips for snatches. A member volunteered to judge me and "3-2-1 go" it was on. At the end I found myself lying on the ground in a puddle of sweat looking around at everyone else. Felt very similar to finishing at workout at home at 2A.

No matter your skill level, fitness level, or reasons behind doing The Open, it is pretty cool to think that you are part of something bigger than your box and no matter where you go in this world there are like-minded people lying on the ground gasping for air in a puddle of sweat finishing that same exact workout you just did. The Open is the community and that is why I will be signing up this year.

Tia Holt
My first year of the opens was 2013, CF2A’s first year of doing it. I had about eight months of CF under my belt and two competitions. I had no idea what the opens were but everyone was doing it so I thought “Why the &*%$# not”. I didn’t know what to expect but figured it would be fun. Each Thursday night I would check The Games site to see the workout and strategize with one of my friends to prepare for doing the WOD at 6:30am the following morning. I would show up a little early to watch the 5:30am class and see how they executed and survived. When it was my turn I grabbed the loudest person around (usually Erica or Marie) to have her judge me. I knew that if I even thought of slowing down they would be screaming in my face to keep going. For some people that type of in your face coaching is not their cup of tea, but for me… I LOVE IT! It pushes me to go a little harder and a little faster.

Last year I wasn’t consistently coming to 2A due to a move and job change, so I did the Open WODs at the other box I was working out at, Resilience in Hopkinton. I still managed to stay connected to some of my 2A friends during this time, and it was something I looked forward to every week, even more so than doing the WODS.

Don’t get me wrong - I still had a blast during last year’s Open but I’m really PUMPED for this year. To be back “home” with my friends, cheering each other on, and hopefully getting together with members again on Thursday nights.

Whether you pay the $20 to do the opens on not, just come to class each week and give it your best shot or at least come cheer on your fellow members who might need a loud mouth in their face.

Jeremy Bonaventura
Why do I think you should participate in the CrossFit Open this year? It’s simple; one of the most important aspects of building functional fitness is to know where you stand. By occasionally testing ourselves we are able to expose the cracks in our foundation and course correct as needed. Some times the crap needs to hit the fan and you just have to grind it out. You’ll be both stronger physically and, more importantly, mentally. Push yourself beyond your perceived limits and it will change your life in and out of the gym.

Greg Scott
What's left to say? If you're still on the fence, make a decision. The worst thing that happens is that you try. Most of us do this for the love of fitness and to sweat it out with our friends, for the satisfaction that only comes from commitment. If you don't even try, who knows how much you might accomplish?

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